Wanted by Nature

I open my eyes and I see the lines on the road stream by below my feet. It’s all quiet except for the “tum-thump” sound of my tires rolling quickly over the expansion joints in the bridge, and the low growl of my engine just beneath the sound of the hot August air as it washes past my ears.

My fingers grip the throttle firmly and the sun bakes down onto the back of my neck. When I am poised upon the seat of my old XS Eleven Special the world seems to slow down at 60 miles per hour, the sky gets bigger and my soul leans back and takes a deep cleansing breath.

While I’m out here on the road, I feel like a fish in water, I am in my element, I am without fear or caution, and I am devoid of concern for anything else at the time.

Now and again a cage floats by full of occupants staring out through the air conditioning, their breath condensing on the windows, going somewhere, anywhere, the path between points A and B meaning nothing but an obstacle, an inconvenience to them.

I don’t know what point B is, sometimes I don’t even know what point A is, I just get lost and find myself sitting by a pond somewhere, the road having brought me there, leading me like a toddler, how wonderful and freeing that is, no logistics, just being wherever I am at the time and allowing myself to enjoy those moments for just what they are, moments. Meant to be drunk in like a refreshing glass of water on a hot day, moments in time when I can take pleasure in there being no expectations and no rules to be governed by.

I yearn for those moments, I have a place for them in my mind, in my heart and in my soul and no one can take them from me, they are places I can go when I close my eyes and remember what it feels like to be wanted by nature, to lie in the tall grass along the shore of some small lake somewhere and listen to the trees and feel the warmth of the sun and life once again grow inside of me.


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