When you feel all alone

When the sun goes down and you feel all alone and the shadows are your only company,

When that feeling in the pit of your stomach makes you feel like you’ve missed out on something and you’re scared but won’t let go of the darkness,

When you feel like you should be crying but the tears just aren’t there

When you begin to retreat within your own skin so that you won’t feel so vulnerable,

Know that I love you, know that I’ll be there, that when I look at the ground I know that you are somewhere standing on the same earth that I am.

Walk outside and close your eyes, breath in a deeply, fill your lungs with the cool night air then look towards the starry sky, blow it out and let your sweet breath ride upon the late summer breeze to me.

And in the morning when the sun comes rising up behind the trees, step out into the light, close your eyes and feel the warmth of my body carried to you on the winds of a new day.


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