I am the product of everything I have experienced, smelled, touched, loved and feared. I’d have it all again, even if it meant surviving through the same unforgiving pain, the same relentless feelings of loneliness, hunger and far reaching desperate thirst. I have scars and tattoos, I have deep never ending holes and old, drawn, tested sinew below my dry, native, weathered skin. This is me, I am tormented, I am loved, I am grateful and I am me, take it or leave it.

I’m a father, an artist, a writer, a photographer, I raise goats and donkeys on my Appalachian ranch, and Engineering Change Coordinator and a guy with five dogs who thinks he’s a poet., a wanderer, a soldier, an ex-biker and a slave to the words that pour from my soul every day, demanding to be written. I share in hopes that others find their own voices, feel the presence of the shadows and taste the palpable evolution of perceptions that form the knowledge we live by.

These are the echoes of the shadows of my soul.



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